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Fine Woodworking Since 1988

B. Cahill, Inc. has crafted fine furniture and cabinetry for over 20 years. In addition to constructing new furniture and cabinetry we also repair furniture and restore antiques.

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Plasma in antique cabinet rear

                                            Plasma panel installed in antique cabinet with lift mechanism. Mounted facing the rear for
                                            use behind a sofa in the middle of a room. Television will be viewed by people sitting
                                            facing the front of the sofa.

Plasma in antique cabinet front

                                            Viewed from front of cabinet as it would be behind sofa.

Antique cabinet

                                               Antique cabinet in original condition.

New top being fit

                                            Original top removed and saved, a new top is fabricated with a removable panel. A box is
                                            fabricated to conceal lift maechanis and eliminate pinch points.

Weight added to adjust

                                            Box is weighted to equal plasma and top and box are fitted and adjusted.

Top and panel fitted

                                            Removable panel is fitted and top and panel are finished and distressed to match original.

Setting travel

                                               Lift mechanism is raised and lowered to check, travel, fit, and finish.

Plasma down top and panel fit

                                              When plasma is in the down position the panel fits so well that it looks like an ordinary
                                               antique cabinet

Close up, no pinch points

                                            Tolerances are kept close to eliminate dangerous pinch points.

Top looks normal when closed

                                             Looks like an ordinary old antique cabinet top.

Cabinet sits behind a sofa in middle of room

                                             The complete and finished project ready for the clients home, 2002.

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