B. Cahill, Inc.

Fine Woodworking Since 1988

B. Cahill, Inc. has crafted fine furniture and cabinetry for over 20 years. In addition to constructing new furniture and cabinetry we also repair furniture and restore antiques.

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Blair House reproduction bed

Reproduction of bed in Blair House.
Scaled up to king size mattress.
Canopy under construction

Canopy under construction.

Canopy with helper

Canopy under construction with helper.

Canopy fitting miter joints

Canopy final fitting, in 1990 there was not enough room
 in the shop for bed frame and canopy at same time.

Close up of scenes

Close up of art work. Each of the four scenes is different.
Tassels and darts are part of the wood canopy.

Canopy corner assembled

Canopy is 9''6" at highest point.

Bed with out mattress

Bed is constructed of mahogany. The finish is lacquer with
stenciled pattern and faux finish. Acanyhus leaves are gold leaf.

Complete bed

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Brian Cahill